Who We Are

 Since 2006,Phiestina focus on the manufacture and selling of semiconductor electronic wine cooler, compressor wine cooler products. With years of R & D and manufacturing experience and a global perspective, it has established a wide and deep strategic alliance and cooperative relationship with many brands of professional wine storage equipment worldwide. The products sell well in Europe and America.

Brand Story

In 2006,the founder of phiestina Mr. Huang was invited to a wine tasting in France.And here he meet a lot of celebrities and wine enthusiast.During the converation he learned many people have the problem to storage the wine to keep their favorite wine at perfect taste.At that time,it seems that the wine is alive, and after meeting with the oak plug,she began to sleep and grow.As time goes by, but she can continue to sublimate. And how to use a wine storage solution to preserve this pure and wonderful life of wine?Different wine has different personality,Only take good care of different wines in a suitable way can make it at best taste.For this he has explored 1352 wine cellars,more than 6000 kinds of wine, record 10072 pages of notes.Feel the taste deviation at different temperatures carefully, and repeatedly compare the color of the breath under different humidity. So far, the humidity in the cabinet is 60% ~ 70%, and the temperature in the cabinet is 10 ~ 14 ° C will not be disturbed by natural light and can always keep a constant shelter from the overall protection space.And it bacame the original standard for defining products and has always been improving.

Sharing what matters

Creating memorable experiences for the outstanding products and service that keeps you coming back .

our philosophy

Our Philosophy

"Value Committed, Relationship Driven" has been Our business philosophy since 2006. Our culture is customer-oriented,innovative and win-win sharing.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading brand of wine storage in the world, to provide the best wine storage solutions for people who love wine.

whats different

What Makes Different

Our wine cooler has entered most European and American white-collar families. The wine cooler is no longer an absolute luxury, but a wine management expert for people with taste and understanding of life.

President of Phiestina

Phiestina has been engaged in professional wine storage solution for nearly 14 years. With years of international cooperation and in-depth market research and market development, Phiestina has its own unique design style. A professional team of designers and a broad international vision will provide your wine cellar with a fully tailored design plan, which can provide the most ideal storage conditions for your cherished wine and build a love nest for your cherish and create the most beautiful and intoxicating scenery in your life.If you feel that building a wine cellar is too expensive, you may consider purchasing a phiestina wine cooler, which will not only keep your beloved wines in good quality all year round, but also make your home decoration elegant and noble. If you need to integrate your wine storage space into your home, we can also customize a set of your own solid wood wine cabinet according to your space. Just tell us your space size and share with us the design style you want, then let us do the next thing! We will design a set of plans that belong to you, a plan that fully reflects your attitude towards life and your lifestyle.

Profession and quality have always been the belief of everyone in the R & D and manufacturing team. The inheritance of 14 years of wine storage experience and the spirit of craftsmen deeply rooted in our hearts make us always believe that only the pursuit of quality can be exchanged for the trust of the customers. Because we love wine so much, and we understand the joy of good wine bring to the customers.

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